• Cold straight knife cutting – Straight cut on materials that do not fray or unravel.
  • Hot straight knife cutting – Straight cut on materials that do fray or unravel such as poly and nylon webbing.
  • Kiss cut (butt cut) – Adhesive backed Hook or Loop that is cut to length but remains on the liner and is delivered on a roll for ease of dispensing.
  • Kiss cut and mate  Adhesive backed Hook or Loop that is cut to length but remains on liner; with the addition of attaching (engaging) the Hook and Loop together prior to cutting material. This helps in alignment of hook and loop reducing your install time, also delivered on rolls.
  • Perforate – Primarily used for Velcro® Brand One Wrap Tape. Non-adhesive material that is almost cut through, but remains attached to its adjoining piece, like a roll of paper towels for ease of dispensing.
  • Steel rule die cutting – Cut shapes of Velcro® Brand sew on or adhesive backed Hook or Loop. Used for small volumes or prototyping due to reduced costs of steel rule die.
  • Rotary die cutting – Cut shapes of Velcro® Brand sew on or adhesive backed Hook or Loop; used for larger volumes due to higher upfront costs of rotary dies, however there is a significant savings in labor that allows for a quick pay back against setup and die charges.
  • Bar Coding – Textol Systems offers bar code labeling for custom orders.




  • Printing on custom straps: Textol Systems offers pad imprinting for your customized hook and loop products
  • Printed ONE-WRAP® Straps: Textol employs a proprietary method for custom printed VELCRO® Brand fasteners. This superior printing process yields the highest quality image and improved image longevity while not compromising the printed hook and loop functionality.


Packaging Services


  • Mated components – Hook and loop materials are aligned and mated together which allow for an easy and quick application
  • Custom Roll Lengths – Rolls can be customized to lengths that meet your project’s needs
  • Fulfillment – Simply put - You sell it, we ship it. This reduces transit time and is cost effective.
  • Bar Coding – Textol Systems offers bar coding for custom orders.  Barcodes make it possible to track inventory precisely, which reduces inventory levels. This translates into a lower overhead.
  • Custom Labeling – Textol offers custom labeling. We can also incorporate your logo or design into our labeling.
  • Bundling – You can dictate how you want your products to be bundled. We can bundle your straps or cut pieces together in bundles that fit your needs.
  • Bulk packaging – Textol offers cost effective bulk packaging. It helps save money on packaging and can also save money on freight.
  • Packaging of parts in custom boxes or bags – Textol Systems can use custom boxes or bags for your specific needs.
  • Custom Packaging – Do you require specific packaging? Give us a call 1-800-624-8746 and we will be happy to help!
  • Other services are available