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Color VELCOIN® Brand Fasteners
Color VELCRO® Dots, Coins, Circles

blue Velcro dots green Velcro dots grey Velcro dots red Velcro dots
VELCOIN® Brand Fasteners come with a strong adhesive. Call or e-mail for pricing on larger quantities.

Order now or call, or e-mail us with any questions on VELCOIN® tapes.

We now offer color VELCOIN® fasteners. These VELCRO® dots are available in BLUE, GREEN, GREY, and RED in sizes from 1/4” to 3.” VELCOIN® fasteners come with a strong adhesive. The circular coin shape prevents lifted edges. The number of VELCRO® dots per roll varies depending on the coin size. Simply make your color and size selections below. Note that the Hook and Loop components of these dots are sold separately, so be sure to order both if you need them for your project!
Price List
Style Size Color Coins/
1-9 rolls 10-19 rolls 20+ rolls Add to Cart
.250C 1/4" Hook 980 $25.67/roll $21.40/roll $19.24/roll
.251C 1/4" Loop 980 $25.67/roll $21.40/roll $19.24/roll
380C 3/8" Hook 825 $25.61/roll $21.34/roll $19.18/roll
381C 3/8" Loop 825 $25.61/roll $21.34/roll $19.18/roll
.500C 1/2" Hook 875 $46.35/roll $38.63/roll $34.76/roll
.501C 1/2" Loop 875 $46.35/roll $38.63/roll $34.76/roll
580C 5/8" Hook
740 $46.29/roll $38.57/roll $34.71/roll
581C 5/8" Loop 740 $46.29/roll $38.57/roll $34.71/roll
340C 3/4" Hook 415 $46.29/roll $38.57/roll $34.71/roll
341C 3/4" Loop 415 $46.29/roll $38.57/roll $34.71/roll
780C 7/8" Hook
360 $46.18/roll $38.48/roll $34.62/roll
781C 7/8" Loop 360 $46.18/roll $38.48/roll $34.62/roll
1380C 1 3/8" Hook 120 $45.91/roll $38.21/roll $34.35/roll
1381C 1 3/8" Loop 120 $45.91/roll $38.21/roll $34.35/roll
1780C 1 7/8" Hook 90 $45.56/roll $37.83/roll $34.03/roll
1780C 1 7/8" Loop 90 $45.56/roll $37.86/roll $34.03/roll
3000C 3" Hook 60 $79.32/roll $66.10/roll $59.49/roll
3001C 3" Loop 60 $79.32/roll $66.10/roll $59.49/roll
cards acceptedPhone: (800) 624-8746 • (201) 935-1220 • Fax: (201) 935-1824 • E-Mail: sales@textol.com
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